Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We need a name for our movement

We need a NAME for our group. Our nominees will have a limited amount of space for biographies (hopefully including Penn State activities) and campaign statements. We want them to be able to add a simple phrase to show why they are running against the incumbents:

(1) "Penn State Alumni for Honor"
(2) "Committee to Restore Penn State's Honor"
(3) "Alumni for Responsible Stewardship"
(4) "Committee for Responsible Stewardship"
(5) Others?

E.g. if Franco Harris were to agree to run, he could add simply "Penn State Alumni for Honor Candidate" and people could look up that phrase on the Internet.

Since our goal is indeed to restore our University's honor, we should also do something about the root cause of Sandusky's (alleged until proven) child abuse. I sent a couple of State Reps whom I know a link to a site that lists various states' "Duty to Rescue" laws. These generally provide low-grade misdemeanor penalties for NOT calling the police to intervene in a violent felony, which is what Mike McQueary apparently didn't do (but now claims to have done). This sounds reasonable. (

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