Friday, November 25, 2011

Joe Paterno's Character (by Robert Young)

Here is a personal story 10 years my nephew who was 12 was dying of cancer and he got a make-wish and his wish was to meet Joe Paterno. I told him there would be no way Joe could come to Pittsburgh Children Hospital to visit him. It was mid Oct and I knew Joe would be way to busy to take time out and visit, but to my surprise not only did Joe make the trip. He brought him a game ball and jersey he spent around two hours with my nephew. It was the best day ever considering how sick he was however, sadly he died three months later and once again Joe shocked us all when not only him, but Sue and Jay came to the funeral. So to make a long story short my heart is broken to what has happened to Joe Paterno and how the media has treated him. Joe Paterno has meant so much to so many people to just be tossed out like garbage. We owe it to Joe to continue to show him our full support he has done nothing wrong God Bless Joe Paterno and please give us the strength to continue to fight the good fight for a man of honor.

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