Monday, September 14, 2015

The Cowards of Centre County

(with due credit to Kenny Rogers for the original)

Nobody knew he was the coward of Centre County
He'd never had to stand for what he knew was right.
His mama named him Rodney, but no one knew he was yellow,
When the time came for him to stand, he didn't dare to fight.

In November 2011, the Trustees gave Rodney the Lion
The time soon came for him to prove himself a man.
One day while he was working, Mark Emmert he came calling
He came to screw the Lion, n'there was only one of him.

Rodney opened up the door, and saw the battered Lion.
His guts turned to water, and he did not dare advance.
The tears poured down his cheeks while his body shook
His teeth chattered, he felt right sick and found he'd wet his pants.

"What ya gonna do, boy?" Mark Emmert he did challenge
"Ya ain't gonna do nothing, you stupid worthless clown."
"Now I need some help with this 'cause your alumni want a tussle,"
So Rodney walked over and helped Mark hold the Lion down.

"We need to move on," Karen Peetz she then insisted,
While Ken Frazier said "Let's choose the easy over the right"
"Just let the matter drop" Keith Masser then demanded
Said Keith Eckel, "I'd rather cringe than stand and fight"

Then Paul Suhey he came a-crawling
He said "Rodney, better let him have it all."
When Rodney left Old Main, Paterno's statue wasn't standing.
He said, "I've saved my own sorry ass" while Penn State took the fall.

Then the NCAA boys laughed when Wick Sollers walked into the courtroom;
One of them got up and met him half way cross the floor.
When Wick turned around they said, "Another coward's leaving,"
But you could've heard a pin drop when Sollers stopped and locked the door…

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