Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kenneth Frazier's Racist Outburst in Perspective

Should somebody who makes a remark of this nature be in charge of an Equal Employment Opportunity corporation like Merck?

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  1. The answer to this question, is an obvious, "NO"! The only thing he should be allowed to oversee is license plate production in a PA state prison. Frazier's outburst was just a tiny glimpse of who he really is. It slipped out when his "ethical leader" facade was challenged. He is a coward and despises the truth.

    So we have to ask, why is he in charge of Merck? And why was he on the PSU board? As their lawyer, Frazier downplayed Merck's cover-up of hundreds of thousands of human beings killed by their poison, Vioxx. So they subsequently put him in charge. His plan of defense was evil genius. He would deal with each litigant individually and offer settlement. He knew most ordinary, average people that aren't afflicted with corporate greed such as he is, could be easily persuaded to take a settlement amount far less than what was actually due them for the murder of their loved-one. It would be like selling used cars, "you won't find another offer like this, tell ya what I'm gonna do..". So Ken Frazier finding his way onto the PSU board was no happenstance. He was put there as one who had proved his ability to deceive, downplay, and cover-up.

    Ken Frazier's father was a janitor. And he should be seen as someone who had far more integrity and ethical achievement than his so-called successful son.